About the Project

Hunger for Hope, created by Chloe Peterson-Nafziger, collects stories from people who are part of or related to the agriculture industry near Viroqua, Wisconsin, a hub of organic farming in the Driftless Region. The interviews focus on the impacts climate change has had for the interviewees in the last ten years and the ways that people are mitigating and adapting to these changes. The stories highlight flooding, erosion, and water contamination and emphasize regenerative agriculture, rotational grazing, and community activism and education as ways forward.

Chloe is a photographer studying at Stanford University (B.S. in Earth Systems with a focus on art practice and education '21, M.A. in Environmental Communication '22.) Her goal is to use photography, film and virtual reality to share stories about social justice, often focusing on the impacts of climate change, to increase empathy and motivate behavioral change. Chloe hopes to empower voices that are often diminished in our society and increase the accessibility of environmental education.


Hear the Stories

Program Coordinator at Crawford Stewardship Project

Lifetime Member of Dancing Waters Permaculture Coop

Author of Hidden in the Thirteenth Moon

Owner of Chrysalis Farm

Founder and Director of Thoreau College

Teacher of Regenerative Agriculture Course

Lifetime Dairy Farmer and Rotational Grazing Advocate
Founder of Shade Haven and Rotochopper

Small Scale Organic Farmer

Neighbor of Wild Rose Dairy Feedlot

Professor of Environmental Anthropology at UIC
Researcher of Immigrant and Refugee Community Gardens